Past Winners

The Anesthesia History Association thanks Dr. Alistair McKenzie from the University of Edinburgh for preparing this table and allowing us to publish it on our website.

C Ronald Stephen Anesthesia History Essay winners

2008Edward KosikFour Decades of Suspending Disbelief: Milestones in Anesthesia
2009Anup PamnaniThe Reluctant Anesthesiologist: Dr Joseph Artusio and the early days of the Physician Anesthetist
2011Pervez SultanDevelopments in Maxillofacial Orthognathic Anesthesia over the Past Four Decades
2012Sarah SmithA History of Ethics in Anesthesiology
2013Casey B. WileyAnesthesia and the Lone Star State
2014Julia M. RosenbloomToward an Understanding of the Equality of Pain: Crawford Long and the Development of Anesthesia in Antebellum Georgia
2015Peter FeatherstoneThe Tenacious Terrier and His Tubes
2016Yan CuiThe Dolorimeter, Randomized Controlled Trials, and Patient Controlled Analgesia – A Journey through Pain Management History at The New York Hospital
2017Jane MoonWilliam Jones, Nitrous Oxide, and the “Anesthetic Revelation”
2018Daniel A. Hansen“Without the Slightest Hitch” A Brief History of the First Successful Orotracheal Intubations
2019Thomas HamiltonLeo Fabian: A Life of Shocking Accomplishment
2020Rohan JotwaniFrom Electric Fish to the Spinal Cord Stimulator: The Historical Journey of Neuromodulation and Analgesia