Council of Mentors

Council of MentorsĀ 

The Anesthesia History Association is interested in encouraging historical research and writing about all aspects of anesthesia history. We wish to foster the development of new or inexperienced historical investigators, but recognize it may be difficult or frustrating to work as an individual framing interesting questions, developing resources, and finding a supportive advisor. The Anesthesia History Association established the Council of Mentors to assist investigators interested in anesthesia history who desire advice from an experienced historian mentor.

Selecting a mentor
Review the list below and choose a potential mentor. Contact the Anesthesia History Association and ask for contact information. Communicate directly with the individual you have chosen. As all mentors are volunteers, a specific individual may not be available and you may need to choose an alternate.

Becoming a volunteer mentor
Those willing to serve as mentors are asked to send name, contact information and area of particular anesthesia history interest to the Anesthesia History Association.

AHA Council of Mentors Frequently Asked Questions

May I choose more than one mentor at a time?
Please select one potential mentor, carry on a conversation about your area of interest and needs and decide if you are compatible. If it does not appear to be working out well, for whatever reason, then select a second potential mentor.

What will the mentor do?
This will vary from mentor to mentor and depends on what you need. Typically, the mentor will discuss your project and offer advice. Mentors may offer to read a draft of your writing and make suggestions.

How do I thank the mentor?
If your project is presented or published, assistance from the mentor should be acknowledged.

Must I be a member of AHA to use this service?
AHA members will be given first priority. AHA membership is not required, but is encouraged.

Questions, comments or additional information
Contact Mark E. Schroeder, MD at

Mentor – Area of InterestĀ 

Doug Bacon

George E. Battit, MD – modern history

D. Robert Buechel

Doris Cope – 19th Century, pain

William Hammonds – Medicine in the 1800s, Medical Education in the 1800s, Crawford Long

Mark Mandabach

Stanley I. Samuels

Mark E. Schroeder – Ralph Waters, Noel Gillespie, Aqualumni

Rob Strickland – any area

Susan Vassallo – all areas

David Wilkinson – most areas